Udo Goebel

Putting your financial freedom first

I thrive on financial freedom and I want you to enjoy that too. Now, maybe that sounds somewhat hard to believe. But it is the truth. Everybody deserves to achieve full financial independence, and above all, to make this happen with passive income. If you just take the time to follow my lead, it will all become clear – I will support you professionally, reliably and attentively. This is how you will progress quickly and make your visions become a reality.

The right mindset is crucial. Believing: Everything I do will be successful has played a key role in my achievements. And sure I have fallen over a few times in the past. But I have learned from experience and made the necessary improvements. You, on the other hand, do not need to go through all those setbacks because I know how you can sidestep them. I will show you my shortcuts to financial freedom and you are welcome to copy me.

How did I get here?

In 2013, I realised – to my horror – that someone half my age who was hardly working at all, was earning a lot more money than me. And having the time of his life. So I made up my mind: I would do the same.

It was back in 2013 when this young man was sat next to me in a 9-day seminar. He was tapping around on his mobile phone the whole time and all I could think of was: “Hey young man, give it a rest and concentrate on the seminar. I’m sure your parents have forked out a lot of money for you to sit here.” I would have most liked to snatch the mobile out of his hand and chuck it out the window. Of course, I did not do that – fortunately – since I discovered during the course of the seminar that my neighbour in fact had 5000 employees to manage. Shortly afterwards, I had a word with him, gave him my business card and said: “We have to talk!”

What an amazing guy
That very evening, he sent me a link via Facebook. The homemade video showed him addressing his staff in a speech he had just delivered. More precisely: on an evening following one of our seminar sessions! I mean, the seminars were really demanding and I was exhausted in the evenings. But this guy was still pumped and inspired, and in the mood for recording this video. All I could think was: “what an amazing guy!” The next day I went up to him before the start of the seminar and said: “I don’t know what you do but I want that too.” He told me all I had to do was follow exactly what he said. So, that’s what I did.

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Turning €4 000 a month into €100 000
The young man was once interviewed about his success and how he achieved it. In this interview, he talked about me, the master tooth technician, who simply did as he instructed, asked no questions and just became stinkingly successful. I found it really touching. He was probably earning between €2 000 - 6 000 per month back then. Today, that figure must be somewhere in the region of €100 000. And this is not a fairy tale. It is 100% reality – and driving me towards my next goal.

So what do you say?
“I can. I will. I want that too!”
Then, let’s talk!